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The Shanghai Taikoo Hui store perches on the first floor of HKRI Taikoo Hui in the vibrant business area of Jing’an District, Shanghai. Spanning about 180 square meters, it is the only Brooks Brothers boutique in Shanghai that offers the luxury Golden Fleece collection, alongside men’s and women’s products and accessories for a comprehensive and quality shopping experience.

The Shanghai Taikoo Hui flagship features a new bespoke design that illustrates the brand’s unique American vibe and vision for continuous innovation. The exterior in the brand’s classic colorway of navy sets a backdrop for the Golden Fleece logo, which flaunts a refined aesthetic as it gleams under the spotlight. Drawing on the innovative undertone of sophisticated minimalism, the interior taps the classic features of vintage wooden floor and paneled tartan carpet for a perfect portrayal of Brooks Brothers’ luxurious classic American style, while décor details like the classic navy bar, the spacious fitting rooms and the vibrant-yet-elegant yellow sofas evoke the posh residences of American elite. The delicacy extends to the exquisitely crafted wooden showcases in elegant white or subtle brown, which echo the brand’s storied heritage over 200 years that sees the enduring union of history and culture, tradition and technology, as well as quality and craftsmanship. Offering products and service of exceptional quality for urbanites, Brooks Brothers’ new store at HKRI Taikoo Hui is a remarkable epitome of the American luxury.

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