2018 marks the bicentennial of Brooks Brothers. This historic achievement is joint by the appointment of renowned Hong Kong actor Louis Koo as the brand ambassador for menswear collection in mainland China and Hong Kong. A diligent filmmaker with an unwavering commitment to excellence, Louis boasts a scintillating portfolio of 100-plus movies, including Paradox which recently earned him the Best Actor at the 37th Hong Kong Film Awards for his stunning performance. He is also a staunch supporter for charitable causes, having donated funds to the construction projects of over a hundred primary schools. His natural debonair style, coupled with his benevolent disposition and thoughtfulness, chimes with the ethos of Brooks Brothers which, by respecting the traditions while embracing the future through constant evolution in the course of time, is translated into a stunning array of clothing collections that reflects the zeitgeists of different eras, with the pursuit of quality and innovation at its heart.

‘Classics transcend temporal barriers. The passage of time only adds to the patina of classic items, with which we can mix and match to create our own styles,’ said brand ambassador Louis Koo as he starred in the commemorative film for Brooks Brothers’ 200th anniversary. Styled in nautical sport jacket, Original Polo® Button-Down Oxford dress shirt, and reverse-stripe rep tie paired with cropped blazer respectively, Louis demonstrated his effortless chic, which perfectly embodies Brooks Brothers’ timeless statement of individuality.

Suits are the befitting epitome of a man’s discernment, one that perfectly illustrates the charming, sophisticated and witty manner of a gentleman. A sartorial pedigree in its own right, Brooks Brothers offers a comprehensive array of styles ranging from topcoats, jackets to shirts for both formal and casual occasions, with which customers can mix and match to create their personal style statements.

The action choreography for film production proves as much a challenge as a career breakthrough for Louis Koo – in virtually the same way as Brooks Brothers’ embarkation on an extraordinary journey two centuries ago that has created myriad milestones, from pioneering the production of ready-to-wear fashion to producing the first Button Down shirt, and to spearheading the trend of women’s blouse. Two kinds of breakthrough, yes, but they share the same maverick spirit to break out of the comfort zone and embrace challenges that may unleash potentials. To Louis, ‘breakthrough’ is the endeavor to push traditional boundaries with innovative but relevant ideas, with a view to creating values that are unique.

So What Makes a ‘Gentleman’?

‘The making of a gentleman goes beyond skin deep: it concerns the cultivation of our inner being, such as a mature stance or sensitivity towards the needs of others and ourselves.’ Stay tuned with our collaboration with Louis for more stellar events in celebration of our 200th anniversary!